Together we are strong

Viticulture is strongly dependent on nature. Unfavourable conditions numerous grapevine diseases flourish, and weakened plants cannot cope with those. New diseases are added to known pests like Grapevine Downy Mildew. Against viral diseases such as the grapevine fan leaf disease and the, probably fungus-born Esca-disease, there are no sustainable strategies.

But sustainable viticulture would help to conserve natural resources and contributes to preserve our cultural landscape. These are important priorities of viticulture in the trinational Upper Rhine Region. To attain these goals, we need novel strategies for sustainable disease control.

Sustainable viticulture requires a lot of expertise. Only those who know biological backgrounds of vine diseases may proceed appropriately and successfully against such diseases. The link between research and viticultural practice is absolutely necessary.

How research and practice can cooperate successfully, can be exemplarily seen from the prognostic model VitiMeteo ( developed by the State Institute of Viticulture in Freiburg. This service allows determining the optimal strategy to contain Downy Mildew depending on weather and disease incidence. Only a few know that this model is based on the results of many years of basic research on the biology of this pathogen.

We cannot control the weather, but if research and practice are linked, together we can make the effects of weather in our favour.


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