Basic Research

There is no sustainability without basic research!

The mission of BACCHUS has had a long tradition in the Upper Rhine Region: already from the late 19th century, when Blankenhorn founded the first Institute of Grapevine Research in Karlsruhe, in our region newest results from research have been integrated into viticultural application. Grapevine is very susceptible to diseases such as Downy Mildew or virus-born diseases as the Fanleaf Disease. To prevent these diseases, the pathogens or their vectors are controlled by chemicals. The costs for chemical plant protection in viticulture are conspicuous. Additionally, permanent use of plant protection promotes the evolution of pathogens that are resistant, such that this strategy loses efficacy. This path is not sustainable.

Are there no alternatives?

In order to keep grapes healthy, the causes for the outbreak of diseases have to be understood. Most of these pathogens are „successful“, because they have learnt in the course of evolution to evade or to quell the immunity of their host.

When we learn, how pathogens achieve this and simultaneously understand herbal defence, we can develop novel strategies to block them. We need the knowledge of basic research to develop sustainable strategies for viticulture.


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