Rattle is part of the craft

The production of wine represents one of the oldest biotechnological achievements of mankind and looks back on a nearly 8,000-year history. It has always been important to gain experience and develop new solutions. Especially in the Upper-Rhine region, there has been a long tradition, starting from the middle of the 19th Century, where results from scientific research have been supplemented successfully into viticultural practice. This is also reflected in a high density of research institutions working on grapevine in the Upper-Rhine region.

Using sustainable viticulture as case study we want to show to the public, why society needs science, and that our region cannot withstand global competition without using science. To ensure that the latest achievements of research find their way into viticultural practice, BACCHUS tries to reach cooperatives, viticultural advice centers, but also the regional institutions and companies that are active in education, dual education and training.

A central motivation for BACCHUS is to reflect the needs of viticultural practice in research and to develop new solutions. Are you interested in an information session? Would you like to meet the scientists who create the basis for applied viticulture? Do you have suggestions for urgent issues? Get in touch with us! We look forward to your questions.


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