Scientia est potentia

Science is Power. In fact the translation runs: Science generates potential. That is exactly the mission of Bacchus. We need science to develop new potentials for sustainable viticulture. Grapevine has emerged (besides rice and Arabidopsis thaliana) as model of the molecular plant sciences. For our region, there is a long tradition where research has been connected with viticulture including a swift transfer of scientific results into application. No other region harbours a similar density of research institutions working on grapevine. These are traditionally closely linked, and it is exactly this networking that is strengthened by Bacchus.

Sustainable viticulture is a complex endeavour and in order to maintain our region at the leading edge of this development, we have to know more. Cultivation of resistant grapes and biological plant protection require knowledge of disease biology and the interaction between pathogen and plant host. We therefore work on:
  • How pathogens can infect grapes
  • How grapes defend themselves against these attacks
  • Which genes are relevant here
  • How we can make use of genetic resources from wild grapes by breeding
Our focus is on Downy Mildew, Esca and Fanleaf Disease.


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